Цифрова дискусионна система BOSCH DCN-D


The NEW DCN-D Digital Discussion System from Bosch

Your meetings are always in good hands
The DCN-D Discussion Unit is an additional unit tothe Digital Congress Network (DCN) NextGeneration system by Bosch. It is suitable for usein everything from small discussion setups tomore complex, multilingual meetings. As with allDCN Next Generation delegate units, uniquedesign is combined with the renowned andintuitive Bosch user interface that allows users torelax and enjoy the speaking and listeningexperience. With DCN Next Generation and thenew DCN-D Discussion Units, your meetings arealways in good hands.

Elegant, slim design combined with the renowned Bosch user interface

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Stylish and unique appearance
The DCN-D Discussion Unit has a stylish andunique appearance with a streamlined, moderndesign and elegant dark charcoal and silver mattfinish. And for the perfect fit with the décor of alltypes of conference rooms, matching coloredmicrophones (dark charcoal and silver white) areavailable.

- Unique slim design combined with the intuitive Bosch user interface
- Elegant, dark charcoal look suits any décor
- Superior sound quality optimized for speech
- Full range of voting facilities
- Immune to mobile phone interference

Design that encourages dialog
The design of a discussion unit plays a key role inhow people interact with each other at meetings.It also has a vital function in creating anenvironment that encourages constructive dialog.Striking the right balance between aestheticappeal and ergonomic efficiency, combined withits knowledge about intuitive interfacing, is whatgive Bosch an edge in helping delegates to focuscompletely on their speech while using the units.fWhat's more, enhanced acoustic and displaytechnologies make it easy to hear and read exactlywhat is going on, so even new users feel at easeand in control. And that's good news for everyconference, no matter what the topic.

When you think conference, think Bosch
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The Central Control Unit (CCU) includes features forcontrolling wired and wireless delegate microphones,distributing simultaneous interpretation andconducting voting sessions, all without an operator. In combination with a PC, this control unit bringsgreater sophistication to conference control. Users canaccess an extensive range of software modules, eachwith a specific function in controlling and monitoring aconference. These modules greatly expand thecapacity to manage a conference.

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The Delegate Unit with fixed microphone enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak andlisten to the speaker. The microphone stem is flexible. The unit also accommodates two headphoneconnections, so the speaker can be heard clearly evenin situations with excessive background noise. Thebuilt‑in loudspeaker is muted when the microphone ison to prevent acoustic feedback.

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The Delegate Unit with Channel Selector enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak andlisten to the speaker. A socket is provided to connectthe pluggable microphones. The unit has abuilt‑in channel selector that makes it suitable fordiscussions in which more than one language is usedand simultaneous interpretations are available. Thechannel selector includes two up and down channelselect keys and a display showing the number and theabbreviation of the languages, enabling rapid selectionof the required language channel.

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This Delegate Unit with Voting enables participants tospeak, register a request‑to‑speak, listen to thespeaker and vote. A socket is provided to connect thepluggable microphones. The unit has five votingbuttons for all types of voting. The yellow indicatorrings around the voting buttons are used to promptusers to register their presence, to start voting and toconfirm their votes. When the unit's attendance LED isyellow, it indicates the delegate is present.

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The Delegate Unit with Voting and Channel Selector enables participants to speak, register a request-tospeak,listen to the speaker and vote. A socket isprovided to connect the pluggable microphones. The unit has five voting buttons for all types of voting.The yellow indicators above the voting buttons areused to prompt users to register their presence, tostart voting and to confirm their vote. When the unit'sattendance LED is yellow, it indicates the delegate ispresent.The unit has a built‑in channel selector, which makes itsuitable for discussions in which more than onelanguage is used and simultaneous interpretations areavailable. The channel selector includes up and downchannel select keys and a display showing the numberand the abbreviation of the languages, enabling rapidselection of the required language channel.

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