Online Live Event Video Streaming

Your event goes LIVE!

Today in the life of mobile technologies and high speeds becomes more difficult to be somewhere for a long. This does not mean that important events should be skipped over, right!


Broadcast your event online in real time has never been easier.

No longer have to be complicated and expensive! Select this service as easy as ordering a microphone.
Congress Engineering now offers extremely accessible and easily broadcasting of your event live on the Internet (live streaming).

In seconds your event will reach everyone who has not succeeded to attend at the conference hall or venue. Our advanced platform will help it to be viewed easily on any desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and even smart TV ...

We offer quick and easy selection of predefined packages of equipment and services, including the most necessary to allow your event to reach a click away from anyone who wants to be part of it.

It is not necessary to engage in negotiations and offers from various service providers and complicated equipment. Congress Engineering offers a complete solution including everything you need for your event to be seen, impressive, successful and remembered.

Now let your customers, partners and friends looking online to say Wow!

Video Broadcasting (live streaming) and services:
- Preliminary tests to make sure that everything is as you expect
- Possibility for easy selection of predefined packages of equipment and services
- 100% compatibility and smooth operation of the system with supplied by us equipment such as sound equipment, interpretation system, laptops and screens, etc.
- Technical support during the event
- Video Recording
- Audio distribution of simultaneous interpretation
- Emission with one or more cameras and video mixing
- Possibility for watching on mobile devices
- HTML iframe embedding
- Possibility for an unlimited number of viewers
- Submit a video signal from the laptop of speaker
- Customizing the page of the video content (adding logo, image, text and contacts)
- Restrict viewers outside Bulgaria
- Providing of statistics about the online visits of the event
- Online video archive of the event
- Many more...