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Leader in complex conference solutions...

Business develops... so does Congress Engineering

    Congress Engineering was established with main area of activity - rental of full range of professional equipment for technical provision of conference events.

    The engineering approach of the company contributes to choosing and offering the most modern equipment in the branch in line with the latest international standards and requirements

    The Congress Engineering is maintaining partnerships with leading tour operators, interpreters' and PR agencies... Close cooperation in the field of the technical servicing of conference events has been established with the most luxury hotels in Bulgaria.

    The company has grown into an ideal combination of high technologies, style and professionalism in the rental branch. Since the rental services covered the largest cities in the country the Congress Engineering proved its ability to assume commitments outside the territory of Bulgaria. Some events have been organized in Hungary, Romania, Macedonia...

    The Congress Engineering constantly provides language and technical solutions for the leading hotels, professional and trade associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, trade groups and institutions, Bulgarian and foreign companies. It ensures the most experienced and demanded interpreters for simultaneous/consecutive translation from and in more than 20 languages, according to the respective subject-matter. 

    The rapid development of the conference tourism has led to increasing of the selling of conference equipment. The international contacts with the leading world companies proved to be the decisive factor for the concluding a range of agreements of the Congress Engineering with them. In its capacity of an official agent for Bulgaria of some world branch leaders we are in position to propose competitive prices corresponding to the quality of the services received.

    The project and trade departments have been established which are responsible for the design, sales, and delivery of the conference equipment. A range of halls have been equipped.

    The immense technical capacity of the company was a basis for the opening of a new department - Service of audio-video equipment and specialized appliances. It both supports the company needs with priority and takes up external orders.  It also develops and produces non-standard electronic devices and systems.

    In order to prove more prestige and luxury of the conference events a new team was established, which is engaged with the so called scenic design. The latter covers design, construction and assembly of upholstered modules, back of the scene, build in - screens, monitors... upon the design approved by the client.

    The extent of the events the company serviced varies from small conference events to conferences on a grand scale with numerous participants. 

    The available company transportation allows the parallel service of numerous events. 

    On the basis of the established confidence and continuously enlarging partners' net in the country the  Congress Engineering is in position to ensure full services package  - starting with the providing hall for the corresponding event, rental of professional technical equipment, construction of the stage design, selection of the appropriate interpreters for the simultaneous/consecutive translation and finishing with the selling, delivery and montage of the  appliances of the latest generation.

    The responsibility of being the leader in the branch increases our sensitivity even to the least details required by our clients.

The Congress Engineering is constantly striving for increasing its service standards offering more and more complete and quality services in the field of the complex conference solutions.