Conference Equipment Rental

Congress Engineering is specialized in the rental services and specifically in the conference and audio-video equipment rental.

Now it is not necessary to search for a lot of providers in order to complete and rent equipment as well as support services. You already have the opportunity to get the equipment you need from one place - Congress Engineering.

If you already know how to organize the upcoming congresses or conference events, forums or seminars, round tables, audio-video presentations, annual meetings, business meetings or trainings, Christmas celebrations, awarding ceremonies, cocktails, parties, reviews etc. we will help you equip the place of your event according to the latest technical requirements meeting the European and world standards.

Congress Engineering has on stock its own equipment which covers its current tasks. The high-end technologies add up to the stunning quality of the stylish and modern equipment which the company offers.

  • Congress Engineering has on stock and offers equipment which fully meets the EU – SCIC standards.
  • New Generation DCN – the latest digital simultaneous translation system BOSCH. It can be characterized with its full digital control and the digital carrier of the signal to the IR receivers. It offers crystal and crispy stereo sound quality as that of a CD.
  • Digital simultaneous translation system Philips/BOSCH Integrus DCN with digital control but an analogue carrier to the receivers.
  • Digital simultaneous translation system “Philips” DCN – equipment for wireless simultaneous interpretation.
  • Sound-proof, air-ventilated booths for simultaneous translation for two and three interpreters built by a standard of EU (the systems that we have allow up to six interpreters in a booth)
  • Discussion system BOSCH CCS 800 Ultro- with a built-in feedback suppression system
  • PA systems for conference events, computer and video presentations.
  • PA systems of high power and digital control of the signal for cocktails, parties, concerts etc.
  • Multimedia equipment and mobile screens for front and rear projection.
  • Lighting for cocktails, parties and other celebrations
  • Computer, video, DVD, slide and overhead projection for your presentation.
  • Computer equipment (desktop, laptop) – planning, building and setup of computer networks, connection to the Internet as well as to other networks.
  • Service and maintenance of the full-range audio-video equipment.

The unity of a perfect acoustic quality combined with progressiveness and functionality as well as easy installation and a perfect design can add elegance prestige and stability to every event.
Congress Engineering consists of highly-qualified engineers and specialists and its main purpose is the appliance of the gathered international experience in the sphere of conference organizing and technical support of conference events in Bulgaria.

You deserve the right to carry out your conference event without any technical limitation Congress Engineering gives you this freedom as well as the opportunity to enjoy the high quality and professionalism which you get.