Design and 3D visualization


For the customers Congress Engineering offers a unique opportunity to see specifically generated individual 3D visualization of the upcoming event. This option allows anyone who organizes a special event or conference to examine and fully understanding how it will look like, where will be the best to be positioned and what space will be available in the hall. Three-dimensional design enables customers to choose the most suitable design for the back of the stage and its presidium, to rank the most comfortable chairs and tables in the room, to find the perfect place to promote products and logo and to present their ideas in the best way of colleagues and partners...

Preparing of 3D design picture projects
-Three-dimensional picture projects provides a set of computer-generated images representing the real vision of the upcoming event from different point of view.

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Preparation of 3D spatial video project
-3D spatial video project is a three-dimensional virtual walk in the conference room, showing in high quality video layout of all the details of the upcoming event (Presidium, stage backdrops, stage decors and spectacular lighting, interpreter booths, microphones, chairs, etc.).


Preparation of 2D scale drawing
-Two-dimensional scale drawing is an important part of planning an event. This type of project shows with absolute precision, dimensions and proportions of deployed equipment in the room, conference backdrops, stage, chairs and tables.