OUR LASER PROJECTORS bring excitement to your special events!

When the lights go down and lasers slash trough the air, party’s excitement level rockets into overdrive! It’s the most powerful, awesome light source on the earth – and it happens especially for your special night.

There’s a wide range of lasers, to fit every need and budget.
Variety of color and power options.


The RGB laser is capable of extremely deep saturated colors - especially an intense blue, which allows the creation of true and pure white like no other laser in its class. Wavelengths are now calibrated closer to Absolute White.

Graphic master
Smooth advanced graphics are achieved using the latest technology with tremendously fast, which can pass through an amazing 40,000 positions a second. These graphical possibilities are enhanced through the narrowness of the actual beam (<3.5 mm), which gives more flexibility when choosing imagery or in long distance projections.

Quieter and more versatile
The RGBL makes less noise when in use, with the temperature-regulated fans producing a maximum of only 42 dBA. This makes the RGBL perfect for logo projection in quiet environments.

Use outdoors
The improved IP 52 rating means the unit is not limited to indoor use only. The RGBL is dust protected, meaning that harmful deposits cannot build up inside the unit. When used outside, the laser is protected from direct sprays of water.

Rechargeable creativity
Downloading and upgrading images and graphics to the internal flash card is simple to achieve through the USB 2.0 PC interface. The USB connection can also be used for real-time programming, editing and viewing.

Right here, right now
Real-time effect programming, editing and viewing is possible through the included software, and you can customize your own demo sequence with up to 256 cues. This makes the RGBL extremely easy to use and is beneficial for speedy setups and shows on the fly.

Easy rider
The unit can be controlled with any standard DMX controller using very reliable 5-pin XLR connectors. The demo of the laser can also be done from the display, without any need for a PC or any other controller.

Made for traveling
Life on the road couldn’t be easier with a lightweight yet extremely compact design that won’t crowd your truss.

Great returns on your investment
The RGBL has a prolonged lifespan that stretches far beyond the competition. With over 10,000 hrs of operation – nearly double that of any other fixture on the market – the RGBL offers a truly healthy return on investment.

Fail-safe systems prevent emission of a single point beam, eliminating potential hazards. As a Class 4 laser, the RGBL may only be operated by a trained professional (Laser Safety Officer).