Interpreting System STEMIN IS6

Every part is made in Germany...


The top-quality Interpreter System IS6 is a compact interpreter-system for 6 foreign-languages plus floor-language. It combines top-quality acoustical performance and advanced functionality with ease of installation.

The IS6 system corresponds to the international standard ISO2603.
Made in Germany for 100% stability.





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Interpreter System Central unit IS6CU

The top-quality Interpreter System Central Unit IS6CU is a compact interpreter unit corresponding to the international standard ISO2603. The IS6CU supplies up to 6 interpreter booths, whereas a maximum of 3 interpreter units can be connected to one language per interpreter booth. The internal audio matrix administers the original signal, the 6 foreign languages and the talk back channel from the interpreter to the chairman of the function. It is also possible to connect a control unit for optical and acoustic wishes to speak, e.g. to inform the chairman A channel power amplifier suitable for this system is being prepared.
Made in Germany for 100% stability.

  • OR-input section: three tone controls for volume, bass-range and treble
  • Interpreter-booth 1 - 6: rotary level for Line output
  • 6 „Engaged“- status LED‘s for each booth
  • additional one status - LED for Service-call and one for operation status
  • Eight volume indicators to control the audio signals of the channels.
  • The red LED displays failure from the central unit or of an Interpreter unit.
  • The green LED illiminates to indicate that power to the Central unit is on.

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Infrared 16 central unit OR+15

The top-quality central unit contains the driving circuits of the Infrared system and is used for transmission of audio signals by infrared light in combination with the radiators STEMIN. The original (floor)language and 3 (up to 15) languages can simultaneously be transmitted on different carrier frequencies. The transmitted signals are received by the STEMIN receiver and can then be monitored with headphones.
Made in Germany for 100% stability.

  • Integrated DSP’s, with a high speed of 100MIPS combines digital audio coding/ encoding and digital audio compression technique to gurantee highest output quality.
  • Besides the Cinch-inputs for the different languages exists two additional LF-inputs for CD-Player or other devices with 0dB-signals.
  • No influencing and distorsion of different channels.
  • The central unit is modular made as 19“ desktop housing with 2U and is equipped, in the smallest configuration level, with 4 channels.

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Interpreter System Interpreter unit IS6IU

The top-quality interpreter unit IS6IU in its attractively shaped, heavy metal housing corresponds to the international standard ISO2603. It encompasses an electret microphone with lamp to display to be ready to speak on a 8x 300mm gooseneck and is further equipped with a big microphone switch with separate large surface LED display, a cough switch for short speaking breaks as well as a button "Service call“ (according to ISO 2603), with which the speaker can be signalled to speak more slowly, while the microphone is simultaneously turned up.
Made in Germany for 100% stability.







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  • – 6 red channel occupancy LED´s
  • 7-Segment-Display for direct channel display
  • 2 switches with LED for Channel A – B
  • Microprocessor for control of all functions Audio monitor
  • Selector switch for 6 foreign language channels
  • Relay switch to activate the listening to of the channels
  • 1W broadband loudspeaker with volume control
  • Loudspeaker off switch, while microphone is switched on inside interpreter booth
  • Sound control for high and low frequencies
  • Headphone socket 3.5mm jack with separate volume control (left-sided). Connection for a headset at the left of the housing. When a headset is connected, the gooseneck microphone is automatically switched off. Connection for audio and control with socket to daisy chain to the next interpreter unit. Several interpreter units per booth possible.

Two – way communication headset ISHS01




The ISHS01 is a two – way communication headset with an electret microphone. Its minimal weight enables a long using time especially when being used by interpreters. The microphone is connected.

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Infrared transmitter OR+15

The top-quality infrared transmitter STEMIN is the latest generation of compact and high-power radiators, developed for STEMIN system and equipped with 30 x 12 IR-LEDs for high ranges. The angle of radiation is 90°. Made in Germany for 100% stability.




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  • The radiators are designed for homogenous IR illuminations and highest transfer quality and has a transmission output of more than 20 W.
  • The power supply is provided by an integrated power supply unit. Daisy-chain wiring with up to 10 and more radiators is possilble without any problems. Power supply and connections to the central unit are indicated with LED’s in the frontpanel.
  • The housing of the radiator is made of robust black plastic and has a bracket which allows a very easy universal fixing (wall, stand or ceiling).

Infrared receiver OR+15

The top-quality infrared receiver STEMIN is developed for receiving and monitoring of 4,8,16… audio channels, in highest quality and speech audibility. The STEMIN enables operation in difficult environmental conditions like extremely brightness or direct solar radiation a perfect monitoring. Made in Germany for 100% stability.








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  • The receivers are equipped with 4-button-control for channel selection and volume. The selected channel and the volume will be displayed in an integrated LCD-Display.
  • By missing infrared signal, out of the IR field or disconnected headphone the receiver switches off automatically to safe energy and battery power.

Headphones STEMIN KH01

The top-quality headphones STEMIN KH01 are universal mono headphones. Their open design enables the user to also hear surrounding sounds while wearing the headphones. The KH01 are predestined for use in conference systems or also for the auditorium at multilingual events. Made in Germany for 100% stability.



A special feature of the KH01 is the standard 3.5mm stereo – jack, which is mono configured. Firstly this enables unreserved use of a system with both mono and stereo sockets as well as the use of the 6.3mm adapter.

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Silent Series Portable Interpreter Booths, AUDIPACK Silent 9300

A very quick to mount portable booth for simultaneous interpretation. Standard suitable for 2 persons and easily extendable to a 3 persons booth. This booth is fully transportable, based on an user friendly concept and is suitable for all types of conference systems.

The Silent Series Booth is the only interpretation booth available conform the latest proposed ISO 4043 Norm. It consists of 8 interchangeable wall panels, from which 4 panels are equipped with windows of Security Glass, and 2 roof panels.

The cabin will standard be delivered with a table. The ventilation-system is optional, for which can be chosen between a removable or permanently fixed system. Flightcase on wheels for transportation and storage.

Double booths Triple booths
  • Soundproof
  • for two intrepreters
  • Ventilation mounted of the roof
  • LxDxH - 1.60 x 1.60 x 2.00 m.
  • EU Standart compliant EU/JICS
  • Soundproof
  • for three intrepreters
  • Ventilation mounted of the roof
  • LxDxH - 2.40 x 1.60 x 2.00 m.
  • EU Standart compliant EU/JICS


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