10 Years Congres Engineering

Congress Engineering devoted its tenth anniversary to the high technologies and art.

On November 21, 2012 in Sofia, the leader in providing complete conference solutions Congress Engineering marked its tenth anniversary. The company dedicated the celebration of high technologies and art.

With high spirits, Congress Engineering marked its success and excellence with colleagues, partners and friends, including representatives of business, PR, tourism and advertising agencies, governmental organizations, representatives of the most luxurious hotels in the country and foreign colleagues. Establishing the relationship between business and art, company representatives shared their recipe for success - a combination of perseverance and commitment, inspiration and hard work, precision and attention to details.

The manager of the company Mr. Christian Gedov revealed interesting facts about the foundation and development of the company over the past ten years: "My experience has taught me that in business, as in life, it is important to manage, to listen, but to give. Congress Engineering is a great example of a company whose team was able to understand the needs and expectations of its customers, but also to offer new, unusual and convenient solutions. All this combined with precision and perfection, which is often seen only in art." Focus of the evening was the unusual works of the friend and colleague of Congress Engineering - designer and artist Ventseslav Dyankov. Presenting his views on the changing environment, the author creates unique works of art. By supporting the works of Ventseslav Dyankov, the company agrees with the author's attention and precision underlying success.

The evening ended with a DJ party, effect multimedia light show and musical performances of the Rhythm Boys, whose incredible combination of drums, bass guitar, solo guitar, saxophone and piano performances made all guests dancing.

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