Other Video Hardware

Wireless AV Senders

Wireless AV sender is a VGA to TV converter with an integrated 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter & separate Receiver. Transmits the computer's video and audio to any remote TV. It is ideal for Internet or DVD/VCD movie viewing, presentations and more...

2.4GHz 500 mW Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver
Ch1: 2414MHz, Ch2:2432MHz, Ch3:2450MHz, CH4:2468MHz

  • Operation Frequency Range : 2400 - 2483 MHz
  • Transmission Range : 600 Meters
  • Channel Selection : PLL, Synthesizer, 4CH
  • Video-Audio Modulation/Demodulation Type : FM-FM
  • Antenna Type : SMA
  • Supply Voltage : DC +9V, 450mA ± 30mA
  • Antenna Type : SMA
  • Supply Voltage : DC +9V, 450mA ± 30mA
  • RF Output Port Return Loss : 10dB, min
  • Output Power: 500mW

VGA TO TV Wireless Grand PC 2 TV Wireless
PC to TV Converter with 2.4Ghz AV Sender


GRAND PC2TV WIRELESS is a VGA to TV converter with an integrated 2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter & separate Receiver. Transmit the computer's video and audio to any remote TV. It is ideal for Internet Movie, Internet Game or DVD/VCD movie viewing, presentations, baby/patient monitoring, burglary detection, theft prevention, or home/company monitoring.

  • Plug and Display, no software required.
  • Supports four selectable channels and multiple receivers,transmits ISM Band from 2410~2470Mhz.
  • Simultaneous display on TV, Remote TV and VGA monitor.
  • Supports NTSC,NTSC-EIAJ,PAL-B/G/H/I.
  • Supports CVBS, S-VIDEO or RGB video outputs by switch change (via wired connections)
  • Supports RGB and CVBS output signal on RGB out connector.
  • True 24 bit, true color digitizer.
  • CH-SET tact switch supports functions: CHANNEL 1 ~ CHANNEL 4.
  • LED indicator PAL, ZOOM/FREEZE & POWER.
  • Stereo Audio input from sound card or any audio device.
  • RF frequency: CH1=2410MHz, CH2=2430MHz, CH3=2450MHz, CH4=2470MHz.
  • Demodulation Method: FM.
  • Audio Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz.
  • Distance : Open area is 100 meters, indoor is 30 meters. (Actual range may vary depending on environment.

VGA TO TV Grand Hand View ( PC to TV )

Compact size , 1280x1024 resolution. Plug & Play
Grand Hand View is a handed-size universal VGA to TV converter box. It supports resolution up to 1280x1024* 60Hz . Compact size, Power from USB port, easy for carry. It is best for PC GAME, PC DVD, Internet viewing on TV, Entertainment, Education and Presentation.

VGA Video CABEL and High Quality Signal BNC CABLE

VGA Video Splitters - High Bandwidth - 350MHz

Simultaneously broadcast one VGA signal up to 8 different monitors. With breakthrough video enhancement technology, the bandwidth to 350Mhz for crisp clear video quality. Available with two, four and eight ports, all models can be cascaded to increase the number of VGA outputs.

S-video, video switch

Connect up to four audio/video components to a television or Home Theatre System. Most televisions have one S-Video input which means that consumers can only connect one S-Video component at a time. With the growing popularity of S-Video equipped components such as digital satellite, DVD etc.,...

  • S-video, audio/video selector switch allows connection of up to four S-video or RCA audio/video components to a television or home theater system
  • Four S-video and four RCA stereo audio/video inputs
  • One S-Video output
  • One RCA stereo audio/video output
  • 1-1/8 inch (3.5 millimeter) stereo audio output

Video Splitter Amplifiers

High-performance multi-mode distribution amplifier designed to manage composite video, S-video (Y/C) and component video signals. It can be set to manage various distribution configurations: 9x1:2 composite, 4x1:2 s-Video (Y/C) or 3x1:2 component (YUV)

Video Mixer

Input sources:

  • 2 Cameras
  • DVD Player
  • Laptop (For titles)

Output Devices:

  • Video Projector (SVideo signal)
  • 2 PC monitors (stage and music area)
  • Record VCR

Numark NUVJ Video Mixer for DJs

The NuVJ allows DJs to incorporate images and video clips in much the same way as mixing music. With the NuVJ the VJ can trigger images and video clips add effects to them mix them through an onboard DJ style crossfader and tweak them in order to create unique and spectacular shows.

The hardware controller works seamlessly with existing DJ gear and the software is compatible with most computers and laptops. The NuVJ is simply easier better and more affordable than any other VJ product on the market.

Key Features:

  • Video sample playback, looping, and effects from multiple sources
  • Automated play for stand-alone operation
  • Internal generation of artificial patterns and backgrounds (Visualizer)
  • Synchronization to audio in or internal BPM generator
  • Processing of external camera or other video input
  • Real time effects generation
  • Various cross-over patterns and functions between at least two Visual/EFX combinations
  • Library of small movies, pictures, graphic sets supplied
  • 2 banks of 9 sets of trigger pads for video
  • Big wheels for scratch, effect, and speed control
  • Automated one touch fade speeds
  • MIDI compliant – can be used as controller for various devices

Extreme Media Server -  full Software Video Mixing

For an theater it is possible to build dynamic scenes using the whole size of the given projection panorama. Single video playbacks can be started independent from each other at the desired time, position and size. 12 layers of digital media (footage, pictures, flash) can be copied together in real-time. In addition, playback of audio events is possible both independent and linked to a video.

This is possible through the media server Extreme Media Server which is based on modern graphic technology and developed by device+context, and through the new video panorama editor inside the Drenkelfort EventDriver AV, which is the central instance for controlling of audio and video events.

Imagine a out-of-the-box video studio. A one-laptop video studio that enables you to connect and mix:

  • one or more live cameras
  • interacive flipcharts
  • vector graphics
  • clip sequences
  • interactive text

Once up and running, you can film your party, auction, theatre play, corporate event or karaoke show, mix some moderator events into the live stream, add some text & graphics and record the whole show live on disk.