Panorama-format Projections

Extreem Media Server - The huge, the whole, the impressive image: use any display, such as plasmas, LCDs, LED walls, stationary or moving projectors – even mixed - and turn them into one huge stunning overall experience. Multidisplay presentations with several networked computers for projection of huge pictures and videos in realtime. To do this, use a presentation network with one master and any number of presentation computers for realtime projection of multidisplay presentations.

Vista Systems

Vista Systems, the most powerful, most flexible, most creative video processors and widescreen displays available today. Novices and professionals alike love our products because they’re so versatile and easy to use. And they’re innovative enough to adapt to any presentation or visualization environment, including yours. So take a good look at Vista Systems.

Everyone from the most sophisticated pro to the first-time user can find a Spyder that's perfect for them. With over a dozen models to choose from, you can configure any system to suit your needs. Spyder is available in the two-rack 200 Series, or the three-rack 300 Series. And expansion options allow you to add inputs, outputs and extra processing capabilities when necessary. Whether you're a technology wizard or a mere apprentice, prepare to conjure visual magic.

There is a lot to see in the world. And with Vista, you can show it all.

Once up and running, you can film your party, auction, theatre play, corporate event or karaoke show, mix some moderator events into the live stream, add some text & graphics and record the whole show live on disk.



For an theater it is possible to build dynamic scenes using the whole size of the given projection panorama. Single video playbacks can be started independent from each other at the desired time, position and size. 12 layers of digital media (footage, pictures, flash) can be copied together in real-time. In addition, playback of audio events is possible both independent and linked to a video.

A one-laptop video studio that enables you to connect and mix

  • one or more live cameras
  • interacive flipcharts
  • vector graphics
  • clip sequences
  • interactive text
  • and more…

Once up and running, you can film your party, auction, theatre play, corporate event or karaoke show, mix some moderator events into the live stream, add some text & graphics and record the whole show live on disk.


Special Effects

  • Mixing and Multiple Key Frame Effects
  • Full Path Editing including Tension, Continuity and Bias control at each Key Frame
  • Full Speed Editing including Ease In, Ease Out, and Velocity control at each Key Frame
  • Adjustable PIP aspect ratio with smooth transitions between
  • PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge with smooth transitions
  • PIP Clone (mirror and offset) with smooth transitions
  • Image cropping with smooth transitions


AV Stupfl

Wings Platinum 3

Wings Platinum is the most advanced multidisplay production and presentation system on the market today and is acknowledged the world over for its wide range of functions and high performance in presenting incredible shows. With its cutting edge functions Wings Platinum has been part of the most spectacular shows, exciting installations and astonishing presentations worldwide.

The conceptual strength of Wings Platinum lies in media integration. Anything that can be presented or controlled in some way, can be arranged, edited, controlled and presented with Wings Platinum very smoothly. Our main objective in developing Wings Platinum was exceptionally simple and intuitive operation – a benefit for all users in producing impressive shows. The new Wings Platinum 3 comprises numerous new features focused largely on simplicity of show production and live interactive applications. The completely redesigned user interface welcomes the user with a dark and elegant desktop and provides a new keyframe editor as well as a very comfortable and powerful in-screen editing tool. The unobtrusive design allows the user to concentrate on visual content, which becomes immediately apparent when adding images or videos to the timeline.

Wings Platinum lets you arrange and edit any type of media in a timeline on layers. Take standard high-resolution images, HD-quality videos and multi-channel sound and merge them quite simply in Wings Platinum into a unique show of stunning quality. Using editing concepts similar to other video editing and compositing applications - such as Adobe After Effects for example - producers will find it easy to create shows in Wings Platinum without the need for extensive training. Realtime Rendering allows immediate and last minute changes.


Only with Extreem Media Server - Every type of display technology can be used within one show. Mix softedge projection with plasma displays, use the displays horizontally or vertically or at any angle, change the display devices and the output resolution at any time without reprogramming or loss of layout. All pixels of all display are added to one astonishing total resolution. The innovative warping concept allows individual adjustment of the displays and of the entire presentation real time to ensure that your presentation is possible on any projection surface imaginable.