Wireless Discussion System TELEVIC Confidea

Confidea® is not just another wireless conference system. The most significant leap forward compared to existing systems is that Confidea® has Multi-Band capability. This means that it can work in the -in many cases congested- WiFi band, but also in higher license-free bands, above 5GHz. Working in these much-less occupied bands and using dedicated communication protocols result in a wireless link with a reliability and robustness never seen before in this type of product.

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Confidea Access Point

The Confidea Access Point is the central point of communication for the wireless system. It can be used stand alone for smaller basic discussion systems. Thanks to the on-board Web server and integrated LAN port all RF-settings and basic conference settings can be controlled from a simple internet browser. An audio IN/OUT with N-1 feature allows easy connection to a video conferencing system, wireless microphone or recording equipment without the need for an extra central unit.




  • Solution for multi-room applications
  • Access Point with integrated webserver and analog in/out
  • No central unit required for basic systems
  • On-line battery monitoring




    ► THE solution for multi-room applications
    The multi-band capability easily allows the operation of multiple systems in the same building, even if the WiFi band is already heavilly occupied.

    ► Access Point with integrated webserver and analog in/out
    The Confidea WCAP+ has an integrated webserver, allowing control and monitoring of the system from any PC with a standard internet browser. The Access Point also offers an analog in- and output to easily connect room audio, hand microphones or video conferencing equipment.

    ► No central unit required for basic systems
    Basic systems should require basic equipment. Therefore, Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP) can act as a mini central unit. Thus eliminating the need for an additional, bulky and cost-increasing central unit.

    ► On-line battery monitoring
    Via the integrated webserver, battery condition can be monitored. This monitoring is non-intrusive and can hence be carried out without the delegates noticing.


    Confidea Wireless Discussion Unit

    The Televic Confidea® has been designed for optimised power consumption. Equipped with a high capacity Li-Ion battery Confidea® offers an autonomy of at least 20 hours. In operation, the battery health of each delegate unit can be monitored from a central location via the web server integrated in the access point. The condition of spare batteries can be checked on the battery itself, eliminating the need to plug it into a monitoring unit to verify its status.

    The information exchanged over the wireless link is totally secure. The use of encryption algorithms and access lists, allowing to monitor which units are ‘on-line', eliminate the risk of eavesdropping in meetings where absolute confidentiality is a must.


    • Microphone activation button
    • High quality loudspeaker
    • Two headphones connections
    • Chairman version
    • High battery autonomy



    ► High battery autonomy
    The rechargeable batteries include Li-Ion cells which offer an autonomy of more than 20Hrs. They have no memory effect and do not have to be discharged before recharging.


    Via a regular web browser, the battery condition of each unit in operation can be monitored, avoiding any surprises. A push button and LED bar indicator on the battery allows checking its condition without having to plug it in to a unit.