Video Conference Systems


Sony PCS-G50
Video Communication System

The Sony PCS-G50 is a video conferencing system that achieves high-quality video and audio. It is ideal for use in medium-sized conference rooms for a number of applications, such as corporate, education, and medical. 



  • High-Quality Video H.263 4-CIF/High-Speed network connection up to 4 Mb/s
  • Multi-Point videoconferencing at up to 10 sites
  • Flexible display patterns at all sites
  • Data-Sharing Capabilities/Digital whiteboard support
  • Superb sound MPEG-4 AAC
  • Stylish design
  • Easy-to-Use remote commander Unit/Intuitive GUI
  • Memory stick support
  • Secure videoconferencing - advanced encryption standard (AES)
  • Forward error correction (FEC)
  • Adaptive rate control (ARC)
  • Real-time auto repeat request (ARQ)




Multi-Point Videoconferencing at up to 10 Sites

Using optional MCU software, the PCS-G50 can be configured to communicate with up to 5 remote videoconferencing sites (6 sites total) simultaneously using either an IP (H.323 protocol) or ISDN (H.320 protocol) connection. It can also support videoconferences in which the connections are a combination of IP and ISDN using a unique bridging function. And because the PCS-G50 has a "speedmatching" function, it maximizes performance by not reducing the higher speed connection to match the lower speed connection, as is done with some videoconferencing systems. Moreover, two PCS-G50 units - each installed with the optional MCU (H.323) software - can be cascaded with an IP connection to support a maximum of 10 simultaneous sites. What is unique about the PCS-G50 is that it provides high quality, H.264 CIF video and clear MPEG-4 AAC audio, even in a multipoint videoconference. And of course, the PCS-G50 allows users to expand from a peer-to-peer videoconference to a multi-point video conference by simply dialing up new connections.

Easy-to-Use Remote Commander

Unit/Intuitive GUIThe PCS-G50 has a number of
features that make it easy to
operate. The cursor keys on the
Remote Commander® unit can be
used to select and call any one of
three contacts, which are
preprogrammed and displayed in
the Launcher Menu. Up to 500 contacts
can be stored in the PCS-G50 common 
address book forquick and easy
dialing. In addition,the unit supports 
a call history log, which stores the
last 32 incoming and outgoing calls
so that the user can readily select
and dial a recent contact.



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